This “drawing”
was made entirely
in html and css. Some
might argue that these tools
aren’t great for making art.
I disagree!
This is a 3 step guide on how
to make pikachu in html and css.

pikachu img

Step 1

To create the tail, start by applying a clip-path and setting the overflow to hidden. Next, add multiple nested child elements to fill in the desired colors.

pikachu img

Step 2

To recreate the outline, specifically the curved lines, use collections of elements with a parent-child relationship. Set the parent element to overflow-hidden and give it a border radius without any fill. The child element will only have a border, which will also be rounded and positioned near the parent's edge. Once the outline is complete, fill in the main colors and shadows.

pikachu img

Step 3

Finally, add the finishing touches, such as the eyes and mouth, using the same techniques as in the previous steps. This entire process should take approximately 15 minutes. Best of luck!